Videos are being uploaded... now!

We’ve started posting videos to the DrupalCamp Austin 2009 Vimeo album. We’ll also be embedding these videos on the individual session pages as well.

In fact, you should go check out the video for Dustin Currie’s session on Drupal Agency Processes right now! You can also view it in full-size glory on the Vimeo site.

Where are my session videos?

A lot of you have been asking when the session videos from DrupalCamp Austin 2009 will be made available online. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy process which will take a few weeks to complete. The sessions were filmed in HD, which means it takes about 7 hours to convert the raw footage of just one session into MPEG format. Then we will need to take that 7GB MPEG file and convert it into a format that will be friendly to upload to the web. So with 20 videos to process, we hope you’ll be patient while we work our brittle fingers to the bone.

Registration ends at noon on Thursday, November 12

Don’t miss your chance to attend this two-day Drupal event. There will be sessions and BoFs, and we will even feed you! Space is limited, and the rest of the tickets are going quickly, so register now.

REMEMBER: You must register and pay through this website. We will NOT be able to register anyone on-site.

Don't miss the DrupalCamp Austin social events

DrupalCamps aren’t just about cramming your brain with all the Drupal knowledge you can handle for two days straight. Sometimes the attendees need to put the laptops down, move around, and socialize outside of the venue. That’s what the social events are for.

Pre-camp meetup (Friday, November 13, from 7pm–11pm)

If you’ll be in town Friday night — or if you’re lucky enough to be a full-time Austinite — join us at the Pour House Pub for dinner and drinks on their huge outdoor patio.

Pour House Pub
6701 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757 [map]

Karaoke and billiards (Saturday, November 14, from 7pm–midnight)

Volacci’s Karaoke and Billiards will be packed full of speakers and attendees trying their darndest at squealing renditions of “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and “Livin’ on a Prayer” — renditions that only food and drinks from the bar will remedy. If karaoke is not your thing, there will be billiards available for those geometry wizards who wield an accurate pool wand.

Common Interest Karaoke Bar
8440 Burnet Rd #148, Austin, TX 78757 [map]

DrupalCamp Austin is weeks away!

Here at DrupalCamp Austin headquarters, we are excited to announce the launch of our official event website! To register for the event, please look to the hanging ribbon in the upper right hand corner of the header. It will give you instructions on how to register, complete your profile and shows whether or not you are logged in.

Send any questions via our contact form and we will respond shortly!

@drupalatx is our official Twitter handle

Follow us @drupalatx for the latest DrupalCamp Austin updates!

The event hashtag is #dca09.

DrupalCamp Austin to be held at Norris Conference Center

We searched far and wide for the perfect venue to host DrupalCamp Austin. We heard rave reviews from attendees of the Lone Star Ruby Conference. This combined and with their excellent amenities, including food catering and fast WiFi, we decided to book the facility for November 14th and 15th.