Accelerated Grid Theming Using NineSixty


Session goals include gaining a solid understanding of what grid design is, how it has evolved since its early beginnings in print, and how it can help expedite the design and templating process. This session will demonstrate the principles of grid-based theming and the NineSixty theme for Drupal. Subtheming NineSixty for rapid site design and deployment will be covered, as well as creating a custom grid system for any project.


  • Brief history of grid-based design
  • Philosophy behind + How it works
  • Basics of grid-based theming
  • How the NineSixty theme implements and expands on
    • Content-first layout using “push” and “pull” classes
    • Dynamic grid widths based on context
    • Debugging tools and grid visualization
    • Right-to-left (RTL) language support
  • Creating versatile, dynamic, and context-based layouts using NineSixty
    • Subtheming NineSixty
  • How to build your own, custom grid system