Up and Running with Ubercart

Ubercart is packed with features to support a wide variety of e-commerce requirements, but it’s still possible to get up and running with Ubercart in no time flat. This session will show off just how easy it is to start selling through your Drupal site with Ubercart and introduce the core systems and features designed to make your store setup and administration a breeze:

  • See the UberDrupal installation profile in action, a painless way to start a new Drupal site with Ubercart pre-installed.
  • Learn how to setup Ubercart to quickly build out your product catalog and accommodate diverse product types.
  • Get a handle on the inference engine at the heart of Ubercart that enables things like its automated order workflow and conditional shipping and taxes.
  • Walk through the entire checkout process and preview the order administration tools provided by Ubercart out of the box.
  • Ask questions! We know you’re full of them, and chances are there are core and contributed modules that address your needs.

The Commerce Guys will be around all weekend to answer any questions you might have that aren’t addressed in this session. We’ll also be chatting up the future of Ubercart on Drupal 7 and are happy to gush about the exciting development ahead of us!