Building a Successful Drupal Business

There are four key things that every successful business must have:
 Processes, Recruiting, Sales, and Finances. This non-tech session is
designed primarily for entrepreneurs, owners & managers. You’ll walk away
 challenged to make core changes in the way you do business that will take
 your company from surviving to thriving - even in a down economy.

We’ll cover the following things:

  • Building a positive company culture by design.

  • Recruiting.

  • Creating and executing processes that free your team’s creativity.

  • How to position your business in the Drupal community.

  • Sales and marketing made easy(er).

  • Planning for profit - it’s not about the billing!

Comments from attendees of this session at Boston Drupal Camp:
“I only attended a handful of sessions, but Ben Finklea’s Building a
 Successful Drupal (Design) Business presentation was superb (and one I could
follow, being a Drupal newbie).” —Lisa Rex

“I enjoyed the talk very much and you gave me a good deal to think about.”

“Just sitting here at your nifty presentation, and was wondering if you
could possibly send me the slides whenever you have a spare moment! thanks
for all the work & thought that went into your this session :)” -Lauren

Ben Finklea, CEO and Founder of Volacci


I’m having a tough time choosing between all the sessions that are offered. Question: will this session offer anything extra that is not given in the keynote?

This session is the keynote, so technically speaking, everything will be the same. :)