Business Collaboration with OpenAtrium


OpenAtrium, built by DevelopmentSeed, is an open source response to collaboration tools like Sharepoint Portal and IBM Lotus.

We will be taking a practical approach toward business collaboration on the OpenAtrium install profile, powered by the Drupal. By the end you will have a clear idea of what you can accomplish with OpenAtrium, what it can do for a business, and how you can begin working with it.


  • What is a business intranet?
  • What can it do for me, and how can it improve my workflow?
  • What can OpenAtrium do out of the box?
  • How can I get started with OpenAtrium?
    • Installation
    • Creating users, managers, and shared workspaces
    • Adding features to a workspace
  • How can OpenAtrium be extended?
    • Downloading and Installing user created features
    • Creating a feature with Spaces and Contexts