Making It Sing: Drupal Performance Tuning

Drupal is a great platform - but, like any other piece of sophisticated software, a lack of performance will severely impact your site visitors and, ultimately the success of your site, in general.

In this session, attendees will learn practical steps they can take through the development process to ensure that Drupal’s
performance stays optimal. Steps for maintaining Drupal health after deployment are also covered. In addition, we will cover use of various Drupal modules that aid in the detection and resolution of Drupal performance issues, should they occur.

Among the topics covered will be:

  • Optimizing of the general Drupal environment, from database to Apache.
  • Drupal architecture decisions that can negatively impact performance.
  • How to develop performance “awareness” during Drupal site development.
  • Three development practices that are guaranteed to drag down Drupal’s performance times.
  • Keeping Drupal Happy - how to maintain a Drupal site for optimal performance.
  • A review of tools and approaches for discovering and resolving common performance issues.