Ubercore: the Future of Ubercart

The Drupal 7 Ubercore Initiative is a community effort to re-implement Ubercart on Drupal 7 taking into account the latest tools, APIs, and site building paradigms. It’s a continuation of the Ubercart project with a twist of #smallcore fever and Dev Seed envy. The benefits are most apparent to developers who have worked with Ubercart in the past, but there will be a clear pay-off for site builders and end users, too.

This session will present the vision for the future as discussed in a couple recent blog posts and a forum thread on the topic. Come to get the big picture of the following things:

  • Ubercart in the Installation Profile / Feature space.
  • A solid Ubercore comprised of the core systems needed to do e-commerce or build extended features in contrib modules.
  • Taking advantage of Fields in core, Views 2, and the exportables paradigm for Features development.
  • Design document, feature specification, and roadmap, oh my!
  • Modified open scrum development process managed on IRC, d.o, and d7uc.org for the Ubercore code.
  • Sprint 1 (going on right now): Re-implementing products as fieldable entities and attaching them to nodes for display through a product entry field with various formatters.

Furthermore, come to figure out how to get in at the ground level with this exciting development. And I really do mean exciting. We haven’t been this jazzed up about Uber development in a while and are really hoping to get as many new faces involved as possible.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and feedback, and please do grab me if you’re interested in getting in on the action!